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Hey What’s Up!

This is Peter L. Newton, and I’m back with bigger weapons! I am geared towards making 2017 an amazing ear, so I am kicking this off in 2016. With that includes new content, new videos, and new learning projects to download. I’m taking a haiku from contract work, and focusing in on what got me here in the first place, You! So please join me next Thursday!


This free content is great, but getting the information from the source is 10x better!

Updated (10/7/2016):

My new topics of this blog will be:

  • Ads in Games
  • Google App Store Deployment
  • Mobile Development
  • Optimization
  • Random
  • Resources

This is currently what I am working on, and sometimes I may cover a random subject if it encounter it during my own journey.

Until next time,

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