New Content Push – Take 2

Hi What’s Up Everyone,

This is Peter L. Newton, and I’m happy you’ve decided to join me today. Some of you may notice the previous blog post was from Sep 29th of last year. I talk big about I’m going to do this, and we’re going to do that! And wow was I wrong. Let me tell you what actually resulted from that short spurt of inspirations to kick off my tutorials. I got completely overwhelmed with work, and realized school was also important. So I had to get more serious about my life. We are all too familiar with the story, and so now I work at an amazing company called Magnopus. I am enrolled in college getting a Bachelors degree in Business Analytics + Computer Programming. I literally have no time at all anymore, but can’t that be an excuse?


I found this company after seeing it in the work history of developer I know, Micheal Allar.  After a favor from him, and a call from the recruiter then an interview; the job was basically sealed. Unreal Developers are still in demand (Yippie!). Anyway, after I got pulled onto a few projects which have all but consumed my focus. Fast forward 5 months, and now I’m happily working at this new job. But my community of wonderful people who I have unfortunately neglected is still here, and I aching to reach back out.

The Plan

I have some lofty goals ahead I will spare you for now. But basically I want to start back where I was 3 years ago. It a very simple plan when executed, but consistency is key. The steps are as follows:

  1. Serve you, the community, by providing exceptionally useful and high quality learning materials and One-on-One free email support.
  2. Host events for the community, provide an outlet for other exceptional developers and creatives a place to connect and share technical breakthroughs.
  3. Continue to improve step 1, and step 2.

Where do I see myself in 5 years?

I have a plan, and I have some role models. I will name two fairly modest role models who likely have no clue who I am, but I figured why not. The first one I will name is not at all in my industry, but there is some overlap; technically. He is very well known in the vfx industry as a content creator and vfx expert. He has worked with big name such as JJ Abrams on Star Trek, more specifically, I know he was mostly responsible for the intro of Star Trek Into The Darkness. With HIS plugin no doubt. For me, that is so inspiring. From artist, to creator, to cultivator, to leader. He grew from nothing, and took others with him by providing a tool and filling a void he saw within his industry. People always say, its either you who becomes the change, or you who becomes changed. I want to be the change. I want to be like, Andrew Kramer. Now Andrew’s intro is more epic than the next fellow, and that is simply because I literally grew up watching every one of Andrew Kramer’s tutorials, actually if you look at my tutorial on Unreal Engine 4 : Behavior Tree AI, you may notice similarities between our introductions and sometimes odd humor.

The other fellow I found on complete accident, and I’ve actually just been lerking his profile as time has gone by. What inspires me is those who choose to give back. I see myself in them, and what this guy is doing in particular has me interested. Some of you may not have been to my LinkedIn profile, but I have experience as a summer teacher. I also have experience tutoring people virtually, not just online tutorials. So giving back is what I spend majority, if not, all my time doing. I guess what excites me, as it does these other two men, is being part of that process. Being able to introduce your perspective, and being able to share other perspectives. Continuing the learning process by continuing to be involved in way that allows you to personally grow as you see fit. Some people want to be rockstars, and some want to be dentist. I simply want to be a thought leader, someone who can be viewed upon as inspiration for sharing his own perspective on the industry which interest him. Exploring new ways to expand my skills, and to help others do the same. The person who has inspired me to do that is Philip North.

And that’s it.

So now I am back, and truly prepared to get this ball rolling. I still don’t have time, so I left the old post to show that but also to be transparent. Its the honest truth that things don’t and won’t always go as planned. The better you get back preparing for that, and being able to continue to prove forward, is what life is all about. So expect new content, and more surprises this year. Truly I haven’t been more excited.

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Till next time my friends.


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