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Content Structure

Tutorials will provide you with the compatible UE4 version, solution, and sometimes project files. Project files will have a UE4 version next to the link to specify an explicit version for the files. I’ve pulled tutorials and tips from anywhere I share them, Video, Tweet, or Live. I’ve also include content which I provide by example without written or video tutorial.

In terms of code usage, content will mostly be BP with touches of C++. I tend to keep C++ related projects to myself because I historically haven’t taught C++, but as I cover more C++ publically. I’ll release my example projects in C++.

Here is an example of what you can expect:

For a tweet tutorial:

Version: 4.17

For a full video tutorial:

Version: 4.8
Project Files: Media Fire (4.8)

AI Perception & EQS

For a video only tutorial:

Version: 4.2

Attack on Titan Grappling System 1/2

so on….

For a project only example:

Version: 4.15
Project Files: Smart File (4.15)

Advanced Target System

For a text-only example:

Version: 4.15

Physics Gotcha Tips
Mesh Component Collision must be enabled, but the Collision Response can be anything.

so on…

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